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VizEat: Bringing People Together Through Food


Hello to one and all to a very special edition of Mastication Monologues!  ‘Why is it so special?’ you might be thinking.  Well, while each post I put on here is special in its own unique way in terms of me trying a cuisine you may have never heard of or perhaps taking down a plate that might make you lose your appetite, today’s entry I would like to introduce you to an online foodie meetup group called VizEat.

Logo+tagline à côté

A month or so, I was contacted by the cofounder of VizEat, Camille Rumani, saying that she loved my blog, and after explaining to me what their company did, I had to spread the word.  They are a small but quickly growing company that currently operates in the following countries/cities:  France, Italy, Spain, Berlin, Bangkok, Hong-Kong, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Belgium, Israel, New York, Boston, Morocco, India, China, Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, and the Cook Islands.  While it is clear that they have worldwide appeal, let me explain briefly what exactly VizEat does.

What Does VizEat Do?

Basically, VizEat is an online community that reaches out to a variety of people.  Whether you are a master chef, a pastry perfectionist, king of the grill, a brewmeister, someone who loves trying new food and drinks, or just want to make new friends, VizEat is the place for you.Marie-Claude's dinner, Their aim is to turn meals into experiences for people who otherwise may have never met their neighbors or tried a new dish if it hadn’t been for this social networking website.  It could also be useful in another country if you want to experience a bit of local culture through a sit down meal with natives.VizEat-Values What better way to facilitate and lubricate first impressions better than a delicious meal and a refreshing beverage?  If you are champing at the bit to know more, here is how VizEat works.

How VizEat Works


First, you have to register on their website as a host or a guest or both.


Marie-Claude, VizEat host- Crédits Adélie Vernhes

Marie-Claude, a real VizEat host

As a host, you will post information about your meal, i.e. the price, the date of the meetup, how many seats are available, and what is on the menu.  You can also post pictures of the meal and/or yourself, so that your guests have a better idea of who they might be spending time with.  If guests are interested in your meal, you will receive reservation requests, and you are free to accept or reject them as you see fit.  The day after hosting the most amazing meal you have ever thrown, you will receive your meal payment directly on VizEat.  So, everyone in Chicago and the Chicagoland area, sign up to be hosts!  I know there are some great cooks and bakers out there, so why not share your creations with the world, make some new friends, and earn a little money on the side.  Everyone wins!

Marie-Claude interacting with her guests.

Marie-Claude interacting with her guests.


As for the guests, you can browse the hosts in any of the aforementioned locations in the “What Does VizEat Do?” section.  Once you find a host that is serving a meal you want to be a part of, you can put in your reservation.  You will only have to pay for the meal through PayPal when the host confirms it on the VizEat website.  Once confirmed, you will be able to message with your host in case you have any preferences for the food they will be serving, if you might have some food allergies, or even directions so that you don’t miss out on all the good times with new friends!

A VizEat get together in France

A VizEat dinner in France

So if this seems like something that you would enjoy, sign up by clicking on the “VizEat” picture below the different cuisines at the top of my blog and bon appetite!Magali's wine&cheese 2- Crédits Adélie Vernhes


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